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    Pioneer Science hosts visit from the Innovative Genomics Institute at IDOR

    January, 11th 2024

    Pioneer Science welcomed a delegation from the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) at the University of California, Berkeley, to IDOR to discuss the topic of gene editing—an encounter with individuals working to change the future of science. Present at the meeting were the Pioneer Science team, researchers from IDOR and IGI, an organization founded by Jennifer Doudna, Nobel Prize winner for gene editing studies.

    The partnership is set to last for six years and includes the exchange of researchers and discussions on new research fronts.

    “The CRISPR methodology allows gene editing, i.e., altering the DNA sequence of individuals. So, it’s a technique with unimaginable, still gigantic prospects, both in human health and in agriculture, microbiome control, and microorganisms involved in climate change,” informed Dr. Sergio T. Ferreira, a researcher at IDOR and scientific director of Pioneer Science.

    Our goal was to create an environment of meaningful connection to learn from each other, contributing to the advancement of science on a global scale.

    The group’s agenda included lectures, visits to the facilities of the Copa Star Hospital – Rede D’Or, and clinical research at the Glória D’Or Hospital, as well as visits to the IDOR laboratories and the Imaging Center.

    Our fellows also participated: Bruno Solano, working on sickle cell anemia, and Thyago Leal, researching neurodegenerative diseases.

    Check here for a summary of the visit:

    This event was a significant milestone in our journey to expand and strengthen scientific collaboration between IGI, Pioneer Science, and IDOR.

    Together, we are accelerating the development of excellent science in Brazil.


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