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    Science leaps arise from bold views that unveil novel and wholly unexpected areas for discovery. This contrasts with the deliberate steps that make up for most of the solid structure of scientific progress. How can we facilitate such leaps and foster rigorous science in Brazil?

    Pioneer Science is a philanthropic initiative born out of the desire to promote the development of humankind by supporting best-in-class Science. Pioneer Science will stimulate novel approaches to scientific areas or problems that arise from unexpected or unorthodox experimental results. We further seek to promote world-class mainstream Science that aims to elevate our understanding of the biological world and of health issues affecting humanity.

    Headquartered in Brazil, Pioneer Science aims to:

    (1) establish scientific partnerships with leading research institutions, in Brazil and abroad, that share our vision of the pivotal role of Science as an engine of human welfare;

    (2) provide outstanding Brazilian researchers with the opportunity for advanced training at top world institutions; and

    (3) advance a research ecosystem that will attract the best Brazilian and foreign minds, and will accelerate the development of world-class Science in Brazil.

    The Moll family is committed to supporting the Pioneer Science program. We invite institutions and scientists who share our vision to join us in the quest for the scientific discoveries that will enhance the quality of life for all humankind, and to promote the leaps forward that will unveil new horizons to the human experience on Earth.