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    Quantum Bio BR Talks

    August, 4th 2023

    The first Brazilian Symposium on Quantum Biology, an online event focused on creating a Brazilian quantum biology community, was attended by 12 influential researchers in the field. The symposium ended with a round table that discussed quantum biology as a new field of science. Among the speakers, Gabriela Lemos (UFRJ) presented the seminar “Entangled photons and their applications” and Francisco Laurindo (USP), the seminar “Cracking the redox of chaperone code in biological systems”.

    Organized by Clarice Aiello (UCLA), Jorge Moll (IDOR/Pioneer Science) and Marcelo Sousa (UFC/Bright Photomedicine), other Quantum Bio BR Talks webinars were held to promote quantum biology in Brazil. Watch the videos of the lectures.

    “First Brazilian Symposium on Quantum Biology”
    Speaker: Gabriela Lemos (UFRJ), Francisco Laurindo (USP) and others
    Date: 8/20/2021

    “Spins in Biology”
    Speaker: Clarice Aiello (UCLA)
    Date: 8/27/2021

    “Study of relaxation in spin system”
    Speaker: Adriana Leal (USP)
    Date: 7/22/2022

    Speaker: Sergio Rezende (UFPE)
    Date: 8/26/2022

    “Macroscopic quantum effects in condensed matter”
    Speaker: Amir Caldeira (UNICAMP)
    Date: 9/30/2022

    “Mechanical homeostasis and redox”
    Speaker: Leonardo Tanaka (USP)
    Date: 11/25/2022

    “Photodynamic Action: When quantum meets solutions for cancer and microbiological control”
    Speaker: Vanderlei S. Bagnato (IFSC / USP / Texas A&M University)
    Date: 3/31/2023

    “How to simulate a bird on a quantum computer”
    Speaker: Pedro Alvarez (Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute, Unicamp)
    Date: 4/28/2023

    “Quantum Biology Applied to Photomedicine and Solar Protection”
    Speaker: Mauricio S. Baptista (Chemistry Institute at USP)
    Date: 5/25/2023

    “Unraveling Quantum Physics”
    Speaker: Adilson J. A. de Oliveira (Institute for Advanced and Strategic Studies, UFSCar)
    Date: 6/29/2023


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