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  • Quantum Bio Brazil Community

    Quantum Bio Brazil Community

    August, 4th 2023

    The Quantum Biology Brazil community is formed by a multidisciplinary group with the goal of integrating and sharing scientific knowledge in an attempt to understand how the most diverse areas of study can contribute to the emergence and understanding of quantum biology in Brazil and worldwide.

    The community aims to provide knowledge, valuable exchanges of information and resources, and to facilitate the professional (out)placement of members in academia, industry and/or entrepreneurship. We intend to bring together thousands of scientists and students to form a critical mass that will allow gains in scale in Brazilian research in quantum biology.

    Get to know also the online event “Quantum Bio BR Talks”. Your participation enriches the discussion, expands your knowledge and contributes to the growth of our community.

    To join the group, simply send an email requesting participation to quantumbio@cienciapioneira.org.


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