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  • Resolution of quantum imaging with undetected photons

    Resolution of quantum imaging with undetected photons

    August, 4th 2023

    Gabriela Lemos is Adjunct Professor at the Physics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and, since 2020, she is a member of the editorial board of Quantum Science and Technology (IOP Publishing). Gabriela wrote, along with fellow researchers, the article “Resolution of quantum imaging with undetected photons”, published in the journal Quantum, in 2022.

    Abstract: Quantum imaging with undetected photons is a recently introduced technique that goes significantly beyond what was previously possible. In this technique, images are formed without detecting the light that interacted with the object that is imaged. Given this unique advantage over the existing imaging schemes, it is now of utmost importance to understand its resolution limits, in particular what governs the maximal achievable spatial resolution.

    Authors: Jorge Fuenzalida, Armin Hochrainer, Gabriela Barreto Lemos, Evelyn A Ortega, Radek Lapkiewicz, Mayukh Lahiri, Anton Zeilinger.

    Read the article here.


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