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  • Pioneer Science Ciência and Faperj Celebrate Partnership to Support Frontier Science 

    Pioneer Science Ciência and Faperj Celebrate Partnership to Support Frontier Science 

    May, 16th 2024

    Agreement plans up to R$ 30 million investment in scientific projects in the state of Rio de Janeiro over the next five years

    On Tuesday (14th), Ciência Pioneira welcomed representatives from the Rio de Janeiro State Research Support Foundation, Faperj, to celebrate their newest partnership. Over the next five years, both institutions will jointly invest up to R$ 30 million in research projects in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

    The celebration occurred at the IDOR headquarters in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. It was attended by Jorge Moll and Sérgio Ferreira – the founder and scientific director of Ciência Pioneira, respectively – Fernanda Tovar-Moll, president of IDOR, and Jerson Lima, president of Faperj.

    Through public calls, the agreement aims to finance frontier science research at the interfaces of exact, biological, and health sciences – the focus of Ciência Pioneira. Examples include the development of quantum technologies and the search for innovative medical treatments.

    An annual investment of R$6 million is expected, and the amount disbursed by the organizations will be announced with each new call for proposals.

    As Moll aptly puts it, ‘In most developed countries, the role of the private sector in science and technology is significant. When public and private sectors unite, each doing their part, we undoubtedly construct better solutions for our country’s science.’ This sentiment underscores the collaborative spirit of our partnership and invites all stakeholders to join us in this exciting journey of scientific advancement.

    For Lima, the agreement will help foster and strengthen Brazil’s scientific field. “We need quality science, which is not achieved solely through public institutions. Partnerships with private institutions of excellence, such as Ciência Pioneira, are of the utmost importance to developing the national scientific sector,” says the foundation’s president.

    An initiative of IDOR, Ciência Pioneira promotes frontier science throughout Brazil. Learn more about our goals.


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